Why should you choose us?

  • Flickers and moves like a real candle
  • Easily change scents as often an you like
  • No flame, No mess, No danger, No smoke
  • Long life powered by four 'AA' batteries
  • Safe for kids and pets around the house

Scented Flameless Candles

Delight in the ambiance of candlelight and the fragrances you love without the mess, danger, and expense of traditional candles. Sculpted wax, warm yellow light, and a life-like flickering flame make this LED candle both beautiful and safe. No more fire hazards, soot, smoke, or waxy messes to clean up. Candle Sensations are safe to use around kids and pets alike.

LEDs provide up to 100,000 hours of use and enhance the decor of any home. Simply place a few drops of your favorite scented oil on the unique pad inside and enjoy your very own custom scented candle…instantly! This unique design allows to change scents as often as you like!